ITC Game Showcase and Student Opportunity

On Tuesday, November 24, Students from the Intro to ITC class showcased their semester project to the class, staff, and other students. The Intro to ITC class includes IS, CS, and DET majors and together formed teams to complete a videogame as a semester project. The point of the class is to let students explore into the different possibilities of each individual tech major and decide if their home is in SITC, and what better way than to get hands-on experience?

Here’s how the event went!
We had several students exploring the scene and testing the games out, this was a really fun experience and if you are a student looking to join the SITC family, Intro to ITC is where you want to start.

The Game Showcase event was for students to not only show off their hard work, but also have staff come and review games to see which games are publishable for Steam Gaming Platform. This is such a wonderful opportunity offered to ACU students every year and is a solid accomplishment to bring home a videogame when they get home for Thanksgiving break; most of the student’s who take the class are Freshman in their first semester with zero experience and the Game Showcase is proof that ACU staff invests in their students and push for results.

We have two groups who’s games are officially going to be published on Steam! Check them out below and be on the lookout for more student creations!

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