Firefight Studios: Check on the Students!

Starting from the very first semester DET students are expected to pick up the pace and start creating video games with no previous experience and it all starts with ITC 110. ITC 110 has been a great opportunity for students to jump right into their major, test their skills, and learn new things. So be on the lookout for new DET/ITC projects and rising talents!

Firefight studios is a group in ITC 110 with a mission to create a video game for the semester project. The concept is similar to a game called “TowerFall Ascension” by Matt Makes Games; the goal of the game is to defeat all of the enemies that spawn in intervals using a character mage or archer and emerge victorious from the depths of the deep forests and caves.

The game is quite short and simple but is definitely a challenge worth overcoming! The organizer of the project and IS major, Justin Martin, worked on keeping the team on task and was on sound for the game. Ben Briggs, Freshman and DET major, was in charge of coding and keeping the artist on track. The artist and freshman DET major, Kelli Norris, did all of the visuals and animations in the game.

Character art

There is going to be a double release to Steam with another student group’s game: Mello. The double release date is set for Oct. 25 of 2021. Support student development and visit their Steam pages linked below!

WavePlayer’s Steam Page:

Mello’s Steam Page:

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