Propeller Hat Studios: “Mellow” the little big game.

Propeller Hat Studios is another group of hard working students in ITC 110; they have proven their storytelling skills and by creating a unique videogame and the team has quickly become some of the top role models in class. Their main character of the game is “Mo,” a marshmallow that lives in the forest peacefully in a village of marshmallows. One day the marshmallow village is attacked by the Fire Beast who captures the villagers to use as fuel to keep his embers alive. The objective of the game is to cross the forest to free your friends from the fire beast then make a speedy escape.

One really creative point about Mo’s character design is that as he progressively gets burned by enemy embers he will start to melt and stick to surfaces.

Overall, the concept is one of a kind and the game is a wonderfully orchestrated team effort with Jared Write as the Creative director and level designer, Colleen Gostomski on Art and as the concept developer, Chris St John is project manager and also sound and music designer, and with Hunter Vaught programming the project.

Gameplay of “Mellow.”

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