Game Materials

Game Materials

Travel around various different Environments by our talented DET students! These were made with Substance software and Unreal Engine. Make sure to check out their ArtStation portfolios while you’re here.

Alex Brunke- The realm of Shadix

See more of Alex’s work :

Joseph DiValentoneWitchy Savepoint

See more of Joseph’s work:

Caleb Jackson – HYG Level

See more of Caleb’s Work :

Alison Meador – Scenery

See more of Alison’s work:

Jael Morel – Polar Opposite Worlds

See more of Jael’s Work :

Nathaniel Olguin – Village in the Woods

See more of Nate’s Work :

Camila Rodigues – Haunted Nursery

See more of Camila’s Work:

Elena Severson – MarketPlace/ Bazaar

See more of Elena’s Work:

Will Stanley- Black Dragon Fight Club

See more of Will’s Work:

Andrew Thomas- Snowy Castle

See more of Andrew’s work:

Kyle Valadez – Alleyway

See more of Kyle’s work:

Cameron Wallace- Bathroom Setup

See more of Cameron’s work:

Max Wheeler- Police Bot

See more of Max’s Work: