More certifications, more opportunities

More certifications, more opportunities

With full access to Adobe Creative Cloud, the opportunity did not go to waste this semester. Freshmen and sophomores had the opportunity and requirements to get certified in different Adobe products here at ACU and were able to apply the skills in other projects that went on throughout the semester in classes like ITC 110, DET 210, and many more. Additionally, with all the opportunities present, it added value to our resumes.

Furthermore, Juniors and Seniors were not left behind on this quest to chase skills. They took Unity game developer certification designed to hone and evaluate one’s skills in game development using the Unity platform and be able to showcase their product as desired, and also Unity certification which is composed of multiple certification choices to choose from and one acquires one of those depending on the years of experience with the use of unity and mastery.

With help of the Gmetrix tutorial courses, day-to-day practice, and application of skills in different areas of studies, 99% of the student are now certified as Adobe Associates.

Furthermore, the spirit of competition was not put to rest. Students participated in the game developer contest where one has to complete five tasks to provide and express his or her creativity and take their career to the next level. The contest is still on until December 13, if you miss out, there is still an opportunity to learn, take your chance by referring to this link: which has all the information needed for one to begin.

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