How to Make a YouTube Let’s Play with Unity Game Engine

Many of our classes encourage/require/give extra credit if you create a Let’s Play of the game you spend the semester creating. Of course, this is foundational material; you have to advertise your game if anyone is going to know it’s available for play, or, people want to see what the game play is like before they plop down their hard-earned cash. OR (last one, we promise), you need a video to show off your game for STEAM (which we have several games listed on)!

To help with being able to quickly create a Let’s Play video, Dr. Burton created a short (< 8 minutes) tutorial on how to create and save a Let’s Play style video of your game. He even shows how to adjust the settings so that you can output it as a #Shorts which can be uploaded to YouTube or TikTok for promotion of your game.
Check it out! It’s easy and fun to do!

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