Student Portfolios

All Digital Entertainment Technology majors are required to create a professional ePortfolio. Portfolios are reviewed by industry partners to ensure that they meet the expectations for their career goals.
Here are some of the latest samples of our student’s work:

Camila Rodrigues – Environment Artist

Nina Anzualda – 3D Artist

Alissa Davis – Technical Artist

Kyle Valadez – Technical Artist

SK Hall – UI/UX Designer

Tanner Parker – Game Designer

Ben Blackmon – Indie Developer

Ethan Conatser – 2D Animator

Tanner Webb – 3D Prop Artist

Ben Peterson – 3D Artist

Michael Thorson – 3D Artist

Shelby Miller – Concept Artist

Drew McLeod – 3D Material Artist

Noah Massie – Technical Artist

Kelli Norris – 3D Environment Artist